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Crown Packaging & Plastis PLC is a young company established in 2011 in Debre Zeit, Ethiopia. We are specialised in manufacturing of thermoformed plastic packaging for the dairy, beverage, foods and industrial sector made from polystyrene.

Crown Packaging & Plastics PLC

Crown Packaging & Plastics PLC produces ‘excellent’ packaging for the Ethiopian market as well as the export market. By producing our final product in Ethiopia, we want to stimulate the local economy and create employment.

With our European fabricated machines we are able to produce our products according the highest quality standards.

“Surrounded by excellence”

We want to serve our customers, suppliers and employees by creating a win-win situation through excellent packaging and circumstances. By working this way, we believe that all parties can benefit. Your products, our team, the global environment and so on. We want to surround everything that we contact with excellence.

If you are interested in our company and products, please contact us.

The team of,

Crown Packaging and Plastics PLC

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